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  1. Three Reasons Women Should NOT Chase Men
  2. Do you like or hate being single?
  3. Do you use Facebook to look for possible dates?
  4. Has anyone made you feel left out?
  5. What is the longest time that you've been single?
  6. Does Anyone Here like To Date?
  7. Any body try online dating?
  8. Okay Singles -- Here is The Big Question!!??
  9. Favorite dating site?
  10. What do you enjoy most about being single?
  11. Best Way To Meet Someone
  12. Have you tried online dating?
  13. Best/Worst Lines!
  14. Why Are You Single?
  15. What things turn you off most about a man/woman?
  16. Skype "Relationships"
  17. Interracial Dating?
  18. Dating someone of other race
  19. What Nationality Would You Want to Date?