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  1. Horror Movies
  2. Amusement Parks
  3. Drawing!
  4. TV
  5. Top 5 TV drama series that you have watched
  6. Who was addicted to Tales from the Crypt?
  7. Do you prefer Japanese anime or American cartoons?
  8. Do you still go to the movies?
  9. How many of you are still watching TV?
  10. What's your hobby?
  11. Best Period Drama Movies?
  12. Shark Tank TV Show & Diversity
  13. recommended foreign (non english speaking) movies
  14. Doctor Who
  15. Any anime fans in the house?
  16. The X-Files
  17. Good Times the TV sitcom
  18. What's your favorite documentary shows or films?
  19. Anime
  20. Fun for me is..
  21. The Walking Dead
  22. True Blood
  23. Do you go to ethnic clubs?
  24. What kind of movies do you like to watch?
  25. Great Adventure
  26. Who are some of your favorite movie actors?
  27. Slam Dunk vs Kuroko No Basket
  28. Comfort movies
  29. Manga vs Anime
  30. Was gravity over hyped?
  31. Do you still watch Sitcom shows?
  32. Are movies getting worse as the years progress?
  33. Name Your Favorite YouTube Personalities
  34. What Do You See?
  35. One unusual hobby you do?
  36. 12 years a slave
  37. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2014 - did it entertain?
  38. How true Is the Illuminati accusation?
  39. Movies you thought would suck but didn't
  40. The Voice
  41. Tyler Perry's New "Single Mom's Club"
  42. Your favourite action hero of colour
  43. Your favorite stand-up comedian
  44. Introducing Miss Audra McDonald