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  1. Uhh What was Her name again.... blogging a story Pt. 5

    She was very excited because she was about to turn four years old in a month. This time her Mama said she would buy her some presents. What she really wanted was a blue tricycle or some skates. Her Mama told her she was too little for roller skates, But that was when she was three. She was going to be bigger. Almost big enough to go to school. She heard that school had lots of books And she loved books and felt like she could read real good already.

    Actually when visiting her ...
  2. Uhh What was Her name again.... blogging a story Pt4

    Her three year old was a singing delight. Already, despite her age she could hear the makings of a good singer in her child’s voice. Well if only her little girl was not soo dark. This world just was not made for dark skinned females. The closer to the now popular white skinned female a black woman looked the better her life would be, was the opinion of this deeply self hating mother. What would happen to her dark skinned, broad nosed and full lips daughter. She shuddered to think . Why had not ...
  3. Uhh What was Her name again.... blogging a story Pt3

    Why did she have spinach on her plate? Who invented this “nasty junk” anyway, she wondered in her little mind? Oh what a dilemma! You see in her family, the rule was to eat everything put on the plate. Especially the vegetables. She usually was very good about eating vegetables. The green ones were often not very good, but she would obediently consume the green peas, the green beans and even the broccoli but the yucky can spinach often made her feel like she would vomit. She did not care one ...
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  4. Uhh What was Her name again.... blogging a story Pt 2

    At the tender age of three she knew nothing about the world’s woes. Nothing about Politics, Nothing about Racism, Nothing about Financial troubles, and nothing about Wars and other disputes. She was too busy learning how to eat,take her own baths and put her clothes on,without assistance. She thought everyone liked her and she liked everyone. Her smile was wide and full of cheeks.
    Her smile was genuine.

    The female parent in the house was her favorite person. Since she seemingly, ...

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  5. Uhh What was Her name again.... blogging a story

    It was at the precarious age of three that she realized that she was in the world. She was laying in a cot in the kitchen saying “ The Lord is My Light and My salvation” Whoooom shall I fear”!! She dragged out the word whom because she could hear the emphasis on that word. She forgot that she was supposed to be quiet for she was expected to be asleep.One of those entrusted by God to parent her told her “ to shut up and go to sleep”! Her vocals were quieter now, but she still kept saying Whooom ...
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