Regular Members, you may notice that our forum now opens up on the homepage. This will give you the chance to read articles and even enjoy the widgets. Some of them opens up to the news and sports.(CNN). To the left you will find categories . These open up to several article pages.

Please feel free to submit an article if you would like to write on for our front page.

We would like to have feature articles which may include your images or photos if you would like! As well maybe place your pic with your brief bio on the front page to introduce you to the other forum community members.Clean video articles may also be presented.

The tool bar has a new picture gallery. You can upload pictures of your choice. As long as they are family friendly. There is also a game (Arcade) on the tool bar. Feel free to enjoy the games! . And there is a quizz tab for your enjoyment. You may post your quizzes for others to enjoy. All types of quizzes are permitted. Post the answers a week later please.

We are working to improve your experience on PCU! Which includes your mobile and tablet use. Let us know if you can view us on your iphone as well. Since this is an apple product! Let us know if you have any ideas for us to consider Again thanks for being Here!