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Thread: What ethnicity are you most attracted to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyhowareyou View Post
    I'm a black man, and I mostly date white women-- I think there is a higher frequency of good looking white girls than any other race. HOWEVER, the best of the best are definitely people of color. The sexiest Latina or Black woman is ten times sexier than the sexiest white women, IMO.
    You hit the nail on the head, while you do get quite a lot of lookers who are caucasian but when you compare the hottest latina or the hottest black woman to the hottest white woman the difference is more than noticeable. Black and Latina women have that raw sexual look/energy about them (it must be their curves) while white women can have that but it's more toned down.

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    I haven't really thought about it as I don't really see people within the framework of race. That said, the lady I married is German and the women I dated before her were either Latina/Hispanic or Caucasian, so I perhaps that answers the question somewhat. Still there are good people of all ethnic groups.
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