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Thread: Presidents on a Plane :)

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    Talking Presidents on a Plane :)

    George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and George Bush are in a plane.

    The pilot says that the passengers must lighten their load. so the three presidents decide to drop one item

    George Washington drops a quarter

    Abe Lincoln drops a penny

    George Bush drops a grenade

    When the presidents land, they find someone holding their head and cursing.

    George Washington asks the man what's wrong.

    "i was walking down the street when a quarter falls from the sky and hits my head!"

    So the presidents continue down the road and find someone hopping on one foot, holding the other, cursing. Abe Lincoln asks "What happened?"

    "i was standing on my porch barefoot when a penny falls from the sky and hits it!"

    The presidents continue once more and find a young boy laughing hysterically.

    George Bush asks "What's so funny?"

    The boy replies "i farted and my house exploded!!!"

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    Hehe! This is a cute joke! At first when reading the title I thought to myself "No! Hopefully they don't start pushing each other out of the plane one by one!" So I was glad it went a different route. Made me smile for sure!
    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
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    Lol, those people must be really dumb, hehe. Nice joke, thanks for sharing.

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