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Thread: Are You A Good Hostess?

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    Question Are You A Good Hostess?

    Are you a good hostess? I think being a good hostess is a great part of being a woman and showing your stuff. I also think that "ethnic women" have a lot to offer in unique hostessing.

    What are your best ways to host guests?

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    Well, whenever we have guests I always offer them something to eat. Sadly we don't get a lot visits often, but I'm sure once I get married to my current boyfriend (if things go well), we will get a lot visits. I'm quite sure his parents will be coming to our place often, probably his sister as well. I'll make sure to have food ready Fortunately Dutch people usually call before visiting someone, they don't show up just like that. In my country most relatives do that; they just show up outside your doorstep!

    I'll prepare something special for them, and yes, being an ''ethnic'' woman helps I can cook a lot things that they will surely find quite ''exotic''. I think I'm a good hostess I think is easier when you just offer them something to eat, everyone feels relaxed when you share a good meal with them.

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