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  1. 6 Degrees of Separation: Multicultural Version
  2. What was the first MMORPG that have you played?
  3. Favorite Old Game
  4. Oculus Rift Headgear - Virtual Reality
  5. Favorite Assassin's Creed Game
  6. Grinding or Quest to Level?
  7. DotA 2
  8. What video game console do you consider to be the best?
  9. Favorite zombie video game?
  10. Facebook games
  11. American McGee’s Alice
  12. Anyone still playing Neopets?
  13. Did anyone try candy crush?
  14. Best Fighting Games that you have played
  15. I still love board games
  16. Favourite Console Game Online?
  17. KillZone: Shadow Fall only got an 8 from IGN
  18. Do you ever pay for an Android game?
  19. Do you think Facebook games are addictive?
  20. Games with weird but interesting story lines
  21. How many hours do you dedicate to video games?
  22. Resident Evil...
  23. Gta 5
  24. First gaming machine
  25. Your favourite board game
  26. Any Pokemon fans out there?
  27. Have you played Mario Brother before?
  28. Gran Turismo has not evolved?
  29. What do you expect in Metal Gear Solid 5?
  30. Any fun 90's first person shooter games?
  31. First person or 3rd person?
  32. What's your take on Retro games coming out on high end devices?
  33. Can the Wii U survive?
  34. Card games
  35. Are handheld consoles still popular?
  36. Scrabble
  37. What do you prefer - Playstation or Nintendo and why?
  38. What is your favorite multiplayer game on Android?
  39. Do you read game reviews before you buy?
  40. Diversity In Videogames
  41. Will you buy an Oculus Rift?
  42. Stealth Games - love them or hate them?
  43. What causes mobile games to crash?
  44. Injustice for mobile - brilliant or boring?
  45. Who is the most beautiful chick in a video game?
  46. Tower defense games
  47. What video games are popular in your country?
  48. Anyone play Lep's World?
  49. What's the best sports game for Smartphones
  50. What are the top 5 PlayStation game exclusives of all time?
  51. Is 2014 a good year for video games?
  52. Flappy Bird - love it or hate it?
  53. The Sims!
  54. Any chess players?
  55. Games On Internet