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  1. Why the Big Disconnect between 'Faith' & Reality?
  2. James 5 Reveals the REAL HellFire!
  3. What are Your Beliefs?
  4. Carrots, Eggs or Coffee - Which One ARE You?
  5. Bees have become Collateral Damaage because of man's obsession
  6. To "Trick or Treat" or not to "Trick or Treat" . . That is the question!
  7. Preachers of LA Reality Show!!
  8. Baptism and the Holy Spirit
  9. Halloween! Do you know what your are celebrating?
  10. Today's Word: WAIT!
  11. Today's Word: "HOPE"
  12. Today's Word: "HOPE" (cont'd)
  13. Today's Word(s): Eternal Life
  14. Was Judas really a bad guy?
  15. Why is Pontius Pilate even mentioned in the The Apostles Creed prayer?
  16. Jesus - Man or God?
  17. When was Jesus born?
  18. The Sign of the Cross = the sign of the devil?
  19. Why was the life of Jesus during his adolescent days not written in the Bible?
  20. Did Jesus have a wife?
  21. Was Mary a virgin when she conceived Jesus?
  22. Reincarnation vs life after death - which do you believe in?
  23. God made the world in 7 days - what does this mean?
  24. Do you believe in angels?
  25. Does heaven exist?
  26. For the rest of us....how many are not Christian?
  27. What's your religion?
  28. Did people really live for hundreds of years as stated in the Bible?
  29. Adam and Eve - were they real?
  30. Was Noah's Arc discovered?
  31. Did Moses actually divide the Red Sea?
  32. Modern day Islam
  33. Today's Word: "Help"
  34. Today's Word: Thanksgiving
  35. Today's Word: Grace
  36. Today's Word: Overcome
  37. Buddhism
  38. What's the real reason the pope resigned?
  39. Today's Word: Favor (favour or faboured)
  40. Hollywood's Mysterious Illuminati Connections
  41. Today's Word: Propitiation
  42. Today's Word: Mortify
  43. Today's Word: Divided
  44. Today's Words: Fruitful, Multiply and Replenish
  45. Today's Word: Perseverance
  46. Today's Word: Hypocrite
  47. Celebrating Christmas
  48. Today's Word(s): Good Works
  49. Pray the Rosary or You Wont Be Forgiven?
  50. Today's Word: At Hand
  51. Today's Word: Woe (Whoa)
  52. Today's Word: Understanding
  53. Today's Word: Repent!!!
  54. Today's Word: Longsuffering
  55. Today's Word: Foolishness
  56. Today's Word: Purpose
  57. Today's Word: Oft (often, ofttimes )
  58. Today's Word, Kingdom
  59. Today's Word(s): The Truth
  60. Today's Word: Thoughts
  61. Religion and Parenting
  62. Today's Word: Abide
  63. Today's Word: Anointing; Anointed
  64. Today's Word: Peace
  65. Today's Word(s): Good Thing
  66. Today's Word: Proceedeth
  67. Today's Word(s): Respect of Persons
  68. Word for Today: Religion
  69. Word for Today: Unity
  70. Word for Today: Examples
  71. Word for Today: (With) One Accord
  72. Word for Today: Likeminded
  73. Word for Today: Divisions
  74. Word for Today: Forbarance (Forbearing)
  75. Word for today: Idolatry
  76. Word(s) for Today: Whole Heart
  77. Word for Today: Pasture
  78. Word(s) for Today: Good Cheer
  79. Word(s) for Today: Edify - Edification
  80. Word for Today: Temptation(s)
  81. Word(s) for Today: Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
  82. Words for Today: Good Pleasure
  83. Word for Today: Adoption
  84. Word for Today: Admonish
  85. Word for Today: Obedience
  86. Word for Today: Ensample
  87. Word for Today: Sanctification
  88. Word for Today: Comdemnation
  89. Word for today: Enmity
  90. Word(s) for Today: Impute; Imputed; Imputeth
  91. Word for Today: Fellowship
  92. Word for Today: Lovingkindness
  93. Word for Today: Buckler
  94. Word(s) for Today: Greater Works
  95. Word(s) for Today: Tender Mercies/Mercy
  96. Word for Today: Immortality
  97. Wword for Today: Steadfast
  98. Word(s) for Today: Beyond Measure
  99. Word for Today: Abounding
  100. Word for Today: Gladness
  101. Word for Today: Holiness
  102. Word for Today: Nicolaitanes
  103. Word(s) for Today: Exceeding Joy
  104. Word for Today: Gate(s)
  105. Word(s) for Today: Reconciled/Reconciliation
  106. Word for Today: Attained
  107. Word for Today: Precept
  108. Word for Today: Mother
  109. Word for Today: Endureth
  110. Word for Today: Virtue
  111. There is Preference Treatment Rarely Addressed
  112. Word(s) for Today: New Creature
  113. Word(s) for Today: My Strength
  114. Word for Today: Melchisedec
  115. Word(s) for Today: Four and Twenty Elders
  116. Word for Today: Harvest
  117. Word(s) for Today: Highly Favoured
  118. Word(s) for Today: One God
  119. Word(s) for Today: New Testament
  120. Word for Today: Desires
  121. Word for Today: Branches
  122. Word for Today: Reward
  123. Words for Today: New/Clean/Pure Heart
  124. Word for Today: Christians
  125. Word for Today: Believers
  126. Word for Today: Antichrist
  127. Word for Today: Grafted
  128. Word for Today: Tradition
  129. Word(s) for Today: Good Fruit
  130. Word(s) for Today: More Abundantly
  131. Word(s) for Today: Due Season
  132. Word(s) for Today: Gift of God
  133. Word for Today: Esteem
  134. Word for Today: Wavering
  135. Word(s) for Today: Everlasting Life
  136. Word(s) for Today: Bread of Life
  137. Word for Today: Tithes
  138. Word for Today: Blameless
  139. Word for Today: Bishop
  140. Word for Today: Pastor(s)
  141. Word for Today: Reverend
  142. Word for Today: Preacher
  143. Word for Today: Deacon(s)