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  1. where will your tatoo be when you get older?
  2. Parking space,Man prayer to God for Help
  3. Your Nose? I think I found it....lol
  4. How to deal with People who do not like You
  5. Frying Eggs on the Side Walk
  6. KFC is Not Amused
  7. Funny or just Interesting? What Do You Think?
  8. Coca Cola-Bottle-Made of Ice
  9. Stand-Up Rant about Cell-Phones
  10. Never Broke
  11. Not Really Funny but Would you do This?
  12. Hot Outside?
  13. Children Praying...Too Cute
  14. Horse poops in mcdonalds
  15. Who makes the coffee ?
  16. Joke about marriage
  17. President Obama"s Milkshake Give away
  18. Yes I 've Been Killed Too Funny
  19. Corny joke vote which ones are corny?
  20. Just posting a few jokes
  21. Four Business Men
  22. No Dogs Allowed
  23. Presidents on a Plane :)
  24. 2 Dollar Bill
  25. Funny but Cute Pictures
  26. Laughter Jokes and what is soo funny
  27. Mood changers
  28. Hilarious tips for cooking ?
  29. Tooo funny lollol
  30. Commercials
  31. Who Can figure out This Riddle?
  32. I am RICH!!!
  33. Just a light hearted commercial (warning: maybe too cheesy for some)
  34. Pizza--bread?
  35. Haha Poor Froggy
  36. An Atheist and A Bear
  37. The Old Lady Church Organist. The Pastor and The Condom
  38. This Dog is not Saying Me Stupid :D
  39. Dancing Korean Baby