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  1. 2014 Young Futurists ( African Americans)

    Despite what is being protrayed about African American Youths, The truth is: We have always been positive contibutors to Life, In the past,present and the future.

    To All have a look and read. To African Americans Be Proud!!!

    Each year during Black History Month, as The Root recognizes and celebrates the great accomplishments of our forebears, we believe it is also important to recognize and celebrate the young African-American men and women who are forging a path ...
  2. African Americans Honored on Postage Stamps pt 8


    Henry O. Tanner possessed a powerful determination that was largely reflected in the passion of his renowned religious paintings. He spent most of his professional life in France, particularly Paris. As the first African-American artist to win international acclaim, Tanner became a source of inspiration for many young African-American painters in the United States.


    Sister Rosetta Tharpe was one of many African-American ...
  3. African Americans Honored on Postage Stamps pt 7

    Raised in abolitionist traditions by his minister father, A. Philip Randolph mirrored those beliefs for more than 60 years as a tireless champion of equal rights and equal opportunity. In 1925 he organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and in 1937, after 12 years of contentious and often bitter struggle with the Pullman Company, he achieved the first union contract signed by a white employer and an African-American labor union.

  4. African Americans Honored on Postage Stamps pt 6

    Born Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe, “Jelly Roll Morton” was a composer, vocalist, pianist, and arranger. He made a permanent mark on the world of jazz music with compositions that include “Wolverine Blues,” “Dead Man Blues,” “Jelly Roll Blues,” and “Harmony Blues.”

    African Americans have made many contributions to the Olympic Games in many different sports. The javelin throw is an event in the men’s decathlon and the women’s heptathlon. ...
  5. African Americans Honored on Postage Stamps pt5

    Known as the “Brown Bomber,” Joseph Louis Barrow won the world heavyweight boxing title in 1937 and held it until he retired in 1949. He defended his title more than 20 times before he joined the Army in World War II, and defended it several more times after the war. Two of his most famous fights were against Max Schmeling — Louis lost in 1936 (his only loss as a professional before he retired), but he knocked out Schmeling in the first round in the rematch in 1938.
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